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MCCI is able to process all types of medical and chiropractic bills for reduction potential. We can negotiate reductions before medical and/or chiropractic services are rendered, or after they are completed.  Our focus is to obtain maximum  savings for our clients.  Our knowledge of the industry, bill coding and standard medical protocols puts us in a unique position to negotiate the value of a medical, chiropractic, hospital, surgery center,  and/or durable equipment charge:

  • Out-of-network bills
  • Outpatient – surgery centers
  • Hospital bills
  • Specific bills identified with our clients

Relationships are an integral component of MCCI's  business plan and we have solid relationships with our trading partners. Providers respect our opinion because of our consistent accuracy, expert knowledge and professional perspectives.

The negotiation program is designed to compliment each client’s current cost containment workflow. We are able to offer an immediate and easy program that will positively impact your financial bottom line.               

By providing this proven and successful service, significant cost savings advantages can be offered to our clients with minimal disruption to their current operating environment. Every effort is put forth to integrate the services/activities with our clients’ day to day operating environment to ensure a seamless workflow for the reduction process.

We value our clients and want to promote a partnership while maintaining a high level of customer service.