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Our negotiators are carefully chosen individuals who provide our clients with a very different and unique approach.  This guarantees our clients with results – that is why our proven and successful track record will assist your business objectives while reducing expenses and increasing your financial bottom line. MCCI's  standard pricing is:  If there is no savings there will be no charge.

Our negotiators look at a multitude of databases available including bill review, medical necessity and statistical analyses, which show payment patterns.  Our professional staff understands and recognizes the different lines of business, and will modify procedures to meet requirements specific to each market.  We will finalize and provide our clients with a signed agreement from the provider accepting a specified dollar amount.  The claim can be closed so there are no issues pending on the reduced and final bill.

We will provide a customized workflow to meet your current workflow and any individual claims handling needs.  The negotiator will negotiate each individual  bill claim on a case by case basis.  Our approach is to put each bill/claim through a thorough research and review process prior to contacting the provider.  Having numerous statistics and information available allows our professionals to negotiate an agreement quickly and on the first attempt. Customer service is a priority and our professional team is working “real-time” using our proprietary software “Tracker ” to quickly and expertly negotiate the medical bills.  Our staff will:

  • Initiate the call
  • Negotiate a reduction of billed charges
  • Obtain signed agreement letter
  • Handle follow up provider calls regarding the bills
    • Turn around time is governed by the client

Our negotiation team has the skills, resources and knowledge to insure that you are not overpaying your claims. 

We can also reduce medical and chiropractic bills to provide your staff with supporting documentation for you to utilize when your staff negotiates with providers or opposing council.