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Insurance fraud costs the insurance industry billions of dollars per year. Isnít time you stopped paying?  MCCI offers Medical and Chiropractic Review and Opinion reports which include our independent financial analysis of the value of the medical portion of the claim.  This service is provided for all lines of business: Workersí Compensation, Auto, Group Health and Liability.  MCCI's  program is another way in which we will partner with you to safeguard against unnecessary and inappropriate medical care rendered and the subsequent charges.   By using a three-step process, we are able to identify, establish and report unnecessary and inappropriate services.  We first review and summarize the medical / chiropractic records and then compare the treatment to standard medical protocols.  Our Medical and/or Chiropractic doctors will provide their independent professional opinion about the treatment rendered. Our financial analysis includes both bill review and clinical review reductions.  MCCI's independent review provides our clients with an easy to read report that clearly identifies unnecessary and inappropriate services.  MCCI's program is just another way we are working with our clients to insure that they are not over paying their claims.