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A Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

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Markets and Services Overview

Medical Cost Control Inc. provides services on a nationwide platform with our medical cost containment services in all lines of business: Personal Injury, Auto Liability, and Workers’ Compensation,

  • Bill review
  • Medical & Chiropractic reviews and opinions with financial analysis.
  • Negotiations (Medical Bills, Liens)
  • Expert document management
  • Patient Advocate

We are experts in our field, and bring knowledge of the industry to the table.  We work with our clients to ensure they receive the most cost-effective and time-efficient medical cost containment savings services.  Success is achieved together with communication, understanding, and sharing mutual goals, which makes Medical Cost Control unique.   

We are continuing to develop “Red Flag” reports to assist our clients in detecting potential fraud.  Ongoing research and training is continual to keep abreast of changes in the industry.